Blow Out Your Waves

Blow Out Your Waves  - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Clinic Blow Out Your Waves - this versatile, lightweight mist contains a new macromolecule called styleze w, which creates a 3-d, crystal clear matrix on the hair surface, keeping hair smooth and frizz-free all day by blocking the negative effects of high humidity. Revitalizes fragile, chemically treated, and depleted hair leaving it glossy and vibrant.

 Shake well before use. Spray evenly onto clean wet hair; blow dry as usual. For chemically treated textures wet set or wrap hair using a portable hooded dryer. 

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CSR at Abyssinia Hair and Beauty ClinicAbyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic participates in various community initiatives such as working with Ahadi Trust to alleviate the plight of Kenyans living in jigger infested areas as part of its corporate social responsibility. [ Read more ]

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