Q : How early should I arrive for my spa treatment?
A : Abyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic asks that our spa guests arrive 15-20 minutes early to allow time for preparation into robes and slippers.

Q : Can I wear makeup?
A : You can have makeup on, but we will remove it before certain spa treatments.

Q : Do I have to disrobe entirely for my spa treatment?
A : Undergarments are not necessary. Although some feel more comfortable wearing a bathing suit. Abyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic therapists are trained to drape towels and/or sheets over any areas not involved in your treatment. Your privacy is our number one concern.

Q : Should I take my jewelry off?
A : Please do remove all jewelry prior to coming to the Clinic. Abyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic is not responsible for personal belongings.

Q : What is our cancellation policy?
A : Abyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic requires 24 hour notice if for any reason you need to cancel an appointment. Your notice is necessary to avoid a late or cancellation fees.

Q : Should I tell someone if I have any medical problems, disabilities, or allergies?
A : Definitely! Especially if you have high blood pressure, suffer from allergies, or are pregnant. Be sure to notify us of any of the above whenever your appointment is made so that we can accommodate you. Pregnant women should try to avoid treatments involving heat.

Q : If I’m taking medication for skin problems, are there any spa services that I should avoid?
A : We regret that we cannot perform waxing services on clients who are taking Accutane, Retin-A, or antibiotics due to the sensitivity these products cause to the skin. Please inform our skin care therapists about any medication.

Q : Is it okay to bring my children to the spa?
A : For your relaxation and the courtesy of other clients, we ask you to leave your children behind, unless they are receiving a service in the spa.

Q : Is it appropriate to tip the therapist?
A : Yes, gratuities are not included in the prices.

CSR at Abyssinia Hair and Beauty ClinicAbyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic participates in various community initiatives such as working with Ahadi Trust to alleviate the plight of Kenyans living in jigger infested areas as part of its corporate social responsibility. [ Read more ]

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