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DNA Vital or Cyro-Lifting Treatment

DNA Vital skin care treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon

DNA Vital treatment for home care - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon

Today, “senior” women are seeking new technological advances and they expect immediate and long-lasting results in preserving their attractiveness and a youthful appearance. In order to respond to the expectations of this new consumer generation, ERICSON LABORATOIRE discovered some new molecules in the Antarctic ice for its new anti-aging line, DNA VITAL.

NEW: From now on, our new DNA VITAL line no longer requires deep-freezing. A new preservation complex has been used in the formulas allowing a permanent storage of products at room temperature.

Length of treatment = 1h15
Treatment includes 6 sessions
Treatment frequency = One or two per week

HP DNA: A molecule of high molecular weight, highly polymerized DNA forms part of the most effective active ingredients used in dermo-cosmetology. The action of this type of DNA is broad-spectrum: it is antioxidant, antitoxic and anti-elastase to protect the tissues, and helps healing, stimulating the synthesis of proteoglycanes and collagen, to promote tissue regeneration.

ANTARCTICINE®: bio-protector, regenerating and healing.

DN-AGE®: protects nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, repairs cells. Fights photo-aging.

GLACIER WATER : This extremely pure water is free of any polluting agent, rich in mineral salts (e.g. iron, magnesium and calcium).

ZIN’CÎTE™ : Rich in zinc, an essential trace element in skin, Zin’Cîte™ exerts a genoprotector effect (protecting the skin’s DNA) by stimulating the synthesis of metallothioneins. This protein reinforces cell protection against the harmful UVB rays and helps trap the heavy metals found in polluted atmospheres. Zin’Cîte™ protects the skin from environmental stress and pollution over the long term.

CRYO-EXTRACT OF WILD ARCTIC BERRIES : These berries are rich in polyphenols, in particular anthocyanidins, and organic acids. The organic acids contained in the Arctic berries provide a regenerating effect due to their exfoliating action, Polyphenols have venotonic properties, decreasing the permeability of membranes and increasing their resistance, Anthocyanins contribute to scavenging of free radicals.

EXTRACT OF SEA BUCKTHORN : Its fruits are particularly rich in vitamins (C, E, A, F, K, P and group B), trace elements, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids (Protection against the negative effects of UVA rays, Decrease in Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), Healing).

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