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Meso-VIT Treatment

Skinjection Technology

Meso-Vit Skin Care treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon
Meso-Vit Skin Care treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon
Drawing their inspiration from the latest scientific innovations ERICSON LABORATOIRE has created MESO-VIT, a new specialized skin care treatment along the lines of non-invasive aesthetic medicine, to be used either as a “meso-like” effect or a “meso-care” effect.


The MESO-VIT Treatment claims 3 effects:

1. A “MESO-LIKE” EFFECT: by combining, in an original way, the action of nano-particles of a very light molecular weight and very strong absorption capabilities, with two technical devices, the SKINJECTOR and the MICRO-PICK, you obtain a professional non-invasive Treatment that mimicks the technics carried out in Mesotherapy.

2. A “MESO-CARE” EFFECT: the new nano-particles used have shown a particularly interesting calming, softening and healing effect as a complementary post-injection treatment to sessions of medical mesotherapy, enabling to prevent inflammation.

3. A “VITAMIN-BOOSTER EFFECT” due to a supply of 3 Vitamins (Vit A, Vit C and Vit E), renowned for their skin correction properties: regenerating, lightening and protective. The effectiveness of each vitamin is strengthened by the “skinjection” effect, i.e. a more in-depth, thus more powerful action.

Length of treatment = 75 mins
Treatment includes 4 to 6 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once per week

VITAMIN A OR RETINOL H10: Moisturizing, Regulation of keratinization, Repairing, Synthesizing collagen, Inhibition of the harmful effects of UV on the dermis.

VC-IP OR VITAMIN C TETRA-ISOPALMITATE: Activation of the metabolism, Protection against UVA and UVB, Depigmenting effect.

VITAMIN E OR TOCORETINATE-10: Anti-free radical action, Anti-aging action, Improving the skin’s microcirculation.

-« meso-like » Action: This oligoalginate very rich in mannuronic acid is a very smallsized molecule, from whence its active penetration, enabling deep-down diffusion of its nanomolecules.
-« meso-care » Action: As a preventive treatment, it strengthens the skin’s immune defense system. As a cure, it acts directly on the inflammation process and inhibits it, thus immediately soothing skin that has undergone aggressive mesotherapy injections and reducing skin reactivity. As a repair treatment, it promotes rebuilding of damaged tissues.

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