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Feminity Facial treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beuty Salon
Feminity Facial treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beuty Salon
SKIN HORMONE-BASED THERAPY AND STEM CELLS As a result of cross-research on hormone-containing cosmetics and cell biology, FEMINITY is the very latest high performance challenge of the ERICSON LABORATOIRE Methodology.

This treatment preserves youthfulness and femininity due to 2 preventive actions which aim to make up for the dysfunction of 2 key life source mechanisms:

- Regaining skin hor monal balance,
- Protecting parent cells by the activation of 2 proteins that are vital to their survival.

BEAUTY SALON TREATMENT A primary preventive anti-aging skin care product, this treatment is designed for all women aged 25 to 45 years whose skin is subject to chronic dehydration due to cyclic hormonal variations.

As this totally original new skin therapy is based on the hormonal cycle, each patient must ensure her treatment coincides with the beginning of her hormonal cycle.

Length of treatment = 1h15
Treatment includes 6 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once per week

MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PHYTO - AGE is an extract of a plant used in Chinese medicine for treating problems associated with hormonal imbalances.

The active ingredients of PHYTO-AGE, aside from their structure similar to that of estrogens, have a "hormone-like" action within the skin cells.

REVIVISCENCE is a plant complex enabled recreating the survival fraction responsible for the extraordinary resistance of resurrection plants. The tests showed an immediate hydrating effect and also a long term hydrating effect of over 24 hours.

SURVICODE, an active ingredient resulting from biotechnology, has the power to restore the expression of Survivin (specific marker of stem cell survival) and prolong its protective role in relation to stem cells. Aging of the stem cells is thus delayed.

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