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Hydra Clinic Treatment

Intensive Hydro-Nutritive treatment

Hydra Clinic Treatment -  Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon
Hydra Clinic Treatment for use at home -  Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon
Based on the very latest scientific research ERICSON LABORATOIRE has developed HYDRA CLINIC: an innovative concentrate that acts on the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms.

The new HYDRA CLINIC range:

• Is enriched with INTELLIGENT HYDRO-LIPIDS that are able to adjust the skin level of hydration depending on the humidity outside. With their dual performance, they reproduce the role of the CUTANEOUS PHOSPHOLIPIDS in a BIOMIMETIC way and thus recreate the skin’s natural hydrolipid structure.

• Promotes the various mechanisms that play a part in distributing water in the skin due to the use of AQUAPORIN TECHNOLOGY.

• Facilitates the epidermal reconstruction of damaged skin by incorporating a SELF-REGULATING PHYTO-COMPLEX.

• Distributes long-lasting hydration by reproducing the effect of a SKIN PATCH.

This treatment is rich in INTELLIGENT HYDROLIPIDS capable of capturing the water molecules available in the environment, storing them and then sharing them with the skin as soon as it becomes dehydrated.

Length of treatment = 1h15
1 Course = 4 to 6 Treatments
Treatment frequency = One per week

In order to restore and promote skin hydration, ERICSON LABORATOIRE has incorporated an active ingredient from biotechnology into HYDRA CLINIC range that is able to provide the epidermis with an intense hydrating effect: AQUAPHYLINE. Rich in oligosaccharides, AQUAPHYLINE stimulates the synthesis of aquaporins in situ and promotes the circulation of water from the dermis to the epidermis.

LIPIDURE restores the integrity of the skin due to its hygroscopic nature (ability to retain water). It thus strengthens the barrier function of the stratum corneum and as a result reduces the transepidermal water loss.

BIO SKIN REPAIR stimulates the skin repair process on skin that has been damaged.

Original: the formulation of some skin care products includes PHYTO-MARINE MICROPATCHES containing serin with moisturizing and firming properties.

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