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Slim down the figure

Body Physio Slim Down Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty SalonPLANT EXTRACTS TO REFINE THE SKIN

- Ivy extract: draining, decongesting and stimulating properties.

- Horse Chestnut Extract: anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens capillaries.

- Green Tea Extract: the leaves are rich in Vitamins C and B, substances with an anti-free radical and veino-tonic action.


This body slimming cream is characterized by its boosted formula. Generated by Biotechnology, these molecules release their active ingredients which slowly facilitate the elimination of skin fat.


Body exfoliation is an essential treatment. Due to the micro-particles it contains, this exfoliating scrub removes the dead cells. Rough areas immediately become softer. Skin renewal is stimulated, enabling new cells to appear on the epidermal surface. The skin immediately feels clean, pure, soft and smooth.

Tackle cellulite

Body Physio Tackle Cellulite Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty SalonA THERMO-ACTIVE SLIMMING TREATMENT

The combination of two active ingredients, caffeine and theophylline with an instant heating effect ingredient, stimulates micro-circulation and smoothes the orange peel appearance of skin.

Nanocapsules, acting as micro-reservoir due to a long-lasting effect, gradually release their active ingredients.

E51 CELLULIT’ SERUM - Fat burning gel

This advanced complex makes it possible to activate a genuine slimming process.

An instant heating effect promotes the smoothing of orange peel skin.

Release heavy legs
Body Physio Release heavy Legs Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty SalonHEAVY LEGS, A COMMON PROBLEM

Every other woman suffers from heavy legs. This vein deficiency can be more or less serious. In the early stages, it has minor effects referred to as functional disorders: heaviness, swelling, pains, fidgets, tiredness, pins.

E52. ANTI-RETENTION - Light legs care

This draining plant extract complex acts like a natural pump on tissue by stimulating micro-circulation.

Specially formulated to relieve heavy legs, this treatment offers a very pleasant cool sensation.

Result: legs are rapidly refreshed, more stimulated and feel lighter.

Nourish, Regenerate

Body Physio Release, Regenerate Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty SalonSKIN NEEDS MOISTURE

The skin is a major reserve of water for the body, playing a key role to maintain its moisture level.

Moreover, it can be seen and felt when skin is poorly hydrated: unpleasant tight sensation, flaky and irritated skin, rough to the touch. We also know that poorly hydrated skin can deteriorate more quickly and thus age more rapidly.

E405 HYDRA-DERM - Moisturizing care

Specially designed for dry skin types, this treatment cream is enriched with moisturizing and restructuring milk proteins.

Therefore, it will moisturize and nourish the epidermis. Use immediately following a bath or shower, after sun exposure. Say goodbye to unpleasant tight and tingling sensations.

The skin is immediately suppler and immediate comfort is felt from the first application.


Effective firming complex ideal to complete a slimming protocol, but also during a diet, after pregnancy, and in all cases of tiredness with marked slackening of the skin.

Promotes skin restructuring while offering an immediate toning effect. The skin is immediately denser and regains its tone. At the same time, moisturizing active ingredients incorporated in the formula restore suppleness and softness to the epidermis.

Minimize unsightly marks

Body Physio Minimize unsightly Marks Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty SalonSTRETCH MARKS: UNPLEASANT SCARS

Stretch marks result from an alteration of elastin and collagen fibres. They form unsightly small streaks or marks that are mainly localized over areas where the skin has been stretched: stomach, thighs, buttocks and breast.


Tests conducted on pregnant women have demonstrated the benefit of an advanced active ingredient, Silanol C, a silicon derivative.

Used in treatment creams, this active ingredient has a beneficial regenerating action on several levels:

- Tissue fibre protection,

- Improvement in skin resistance and elasticity.

E214 VENO-TONIC - Special capillary

This highly concentrated cream combines an effective "Phytotonine" complex with horse chestnut extract. It effectively fights against visible surface capillaries and reduces redness.

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