Novaslim+ Body Treatment

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Novaslim+ Body Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon
Novaslim+ Body Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon

Upholding the spirit of scientific innovation that characterizes our skincare concept, our Laboratories have developed a DUAL-PERFORMANCE PEEL that combines the effectiveness of the SKIN-RENEWING TREATMENTS of the NOVACID line and a POWERFUL CONTOURING ACTIVE INGREDIENT with an innovative action mechanism. This 2-in-1 treatment combines:

NOVACID+ features THE LATEST SKIN EXFOLIATION METHODS inspired by aesthetic medicine. NOVACID is a skin-correcting treatment that helps act on surface anomalies and stimulates the accelerated renewal of skin tissue. This treatment targets several skin problems: surface wrinkles, dark spots, residual scars, lack of skin tone, the purification of oily skin, etc.

NOVASLIM features A POWERFUL “ADIPO-GENETIC” CONTOURING COMPLEX capable of acting directly on the expression of DNA genes to prevent our body from producing fat. NOVASLIM is a new contouring strategy that provides the synergic action of EXFOLIATING AGENTS with a NEW CONTOURING ACTIVE INGREDIENT WITH “ADIPO-GENETIC” ACTION to encourage the deep absorption of the active ingredients and increase their effectiveness tenfold.

This strong body treatment enables a powerful and perfectly controlled exfoliation.

Length of treatment = 60 mins
Treatment includes 6 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once per week

NOVACID+ professional products are highly concentrated in AHAs, and contain 70% glycolic acid derivatives. This high concentration in AHAs makes it possible to obtain results deep into the skin, as the product penetration is much higher.

The NOVASLIM+ new skincare line is unmatched in terms of its concentration as well as the power of the active ingredients that it uses: Microdermabrasion via aluminium oxide crystals, Chemical peel via the synergy of 5 ultra-powerful acids, Enzymatic exfoliation via proteolytic action, Contouring molecule via “adipo-genetic” modulation.

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