Lipo Drainage 3D Treatment

Drainage - Decongestion - Detoxification

Lipo Drainage 3d Treatment Body Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon

True to its therapeutic approach oriented towards nonsurgical medical aesthetics, ERICSON LABORATOIRE currently offers 3D LIPO DRAINAGE, a comprehensive treatment that enables working on the 3 major PARAMETERS of excess weight and vascular deficiency: Fat detoxification, Venous drainage, Anti-water retention. this treatment is designed to carry out a slimming and THREE-DIMENSIONAL remodeling of the leg in order to rebuild its original shape. FITNESS REMODELING is the name given to this unique method by our specialists.

Compression acts in synergy with bio-chemical action of the ingredients. It is essential for optimum efficiency.
With salon treatment, the results are generally very fast with an immediate sensation of comfort.

Lenght of treatment = 1h15min.
Treatment includes 4 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once per week

Lipo Drainage 3d Treatment Body Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon
- SCULPTOSANE® : Limits 3D expansion of the adipose tissue. Stimulates cellular energy and oxygenates the tissues while inhibiting lipid peroxidation and ensuring optimum cell detoxification.

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