Lipo-Stress Treatment

Neuro-Cellulite - A New Generation Slimming Treatment
Lipo-Stress Body Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon

LIPO-STRESS is a new generation slimming treatment with a dual action on neurotransmitters on the surface of the skin and in-depth.

1/ In the upper layers of the skin: production of β-endorphins, important “anti-stress” neurotransmitters to relieve tension and better eliminate fat.

2/ In the deeper layers of the skin: the action of a powerful neuro-protective action enables better innervation of adipose tissue.

Length of treatment = 1H15 mins.

Treatment includes 8 sessions

Treatment frequency = 2 per week
Lipo-Stress Body Treatment - Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Salon 

BETAPHROLINE - Endorphins and Lipolysis : BETAPHROLINE is capable of stimulating the release of ß-endorphins by the keratinocytes. The binding of these ß-endorphins to specific receptors of the cutaneous nerve cells neutralizes harmful, painful stimuli and generates a feeling of well-being. It has been proven that BETAPHROLINE stimulates the lipolysis mechanism, responsible for the decrease in storage of triglycerides contained in the adipocytes.

GLUTRAPEPTIDE - NGF and Neurolipolysis : The research laboratories identified and created a new NEURO PROTECTION active ingredient: GLUTRAPEPTIDE, derived from biotechnology. Glutrapeptide is qualified as neuroactive. It activates the innervation of adipose tissue and promotes lipolysis by acting on the length of nerve fibers (neurites).

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