Abyssinia Hair and Beauty Clinic

About Us

Doing business since 2000, we have maintained an outstanding reputation as one of the largest up-scale Hair Clinics in the Nairobi area by providing the ultimate in hair, nail, body & skin care services. The Patron of Abyssinia is an experienced hair stylist having done hairdressing in Africa, Western Europe and the US since 1998.

The hair clinic borrows from and combines African European and American standards to offer a superior hybrid of beauty services to its clientèle. The beauty outfit is very particular about the products it uses and carries a thorough background check on the pros and cons of these products. These attributes enable Abyssinia to provide an excellent combination of personalized, exquisite hair clinic sessions.

We are eager to enhance our know-how in beauty services. If it’s learning the latest nail implementation, skin care therapy, cutting-edge facials or body therapy, we are persistently expanding the horizons of minds and skills set to enhance your wellbeing, happiness and beauty.

Abyssinia has an array of different kinds of face treatments, various versions of body treatment and a broad selection of hair products to deal with the various kinds of skin, body and hair problems; for clientèle ranging from about 13 years of age to 70. Abyssinia also works in collaboration with a team of doctors in recommending treatment for various hair and skin problems.


“You have transformed my hair from damages I got elsewhere. You know & understand your client. You care genuinely, give value about and offer fantastic customer care. Honestly you have exceeded my expectations in all ways and services I took. Be blessed and keep it that way”  - Esther

“I love it, I love it, I love it….. You have given me back my wonderful hair and taken it a step further. What I love about Abyssinia is that you truly understand any hair type and not only do you repair damaged hair, but also consult on how to keep it strong & healthy. God Bless You!! “ - Trudy

CSR at Abyssinia Hair and Beauty ClinicAbyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic participates in various community initiatives such as working with Ahadi Trust to alleviate the plight of Kenyans living in jigger infested areas as part of its corporate social responsibility. [ Read more ]

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